LCD Readout

The LCD Readout screen gives you clear, exact measurement details from the laser measure – in a fraction of a second.

Laser Measure

Get fast, accurate, and easy measurements with the Laser Measure. Measurements of up to 50 feet are as easy as the click of a button and accurate to 1/4th of an inch.

Measure Away

Your measurement is just 1 button away. Click the measure button and let the laser do the rest of the work for you.

16 ft. Tape

Sometimes it’s just easier to do things the old-fashioned way. Our best-in-class tape measure is there for when you want to take smaller measurements.

How it Helps

Original Image

with the laser tape measure

Problem solved! The laser tape measure makes measurement easy, fast, and accurate. Measure distances of up to 50 feet, accurately – all with one hand.

Modified Image

before the laser tape measure

Measurement is cumbersome. Measuring with two hands and two people is too much trouble. The tape measure has served us well, but there has to be a better way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the reference point of the Laser measurement?

The laser measurement reference is fixed at the back edge of the LTM1, opposite the laser pointer (where the battery compartment is). It takes into account the length of the body of the tape measure in the reading.

Can I change the unit of the Laser measurement?

Measurements are only displayed in feet and fractional inches. Metric is not available on the LTM1.

How does the laser distance measure part work?

The laser measurement system works by shining a laser beam on a target. The time it takes for the reflection of the beam to return to the tool is used to calculate the distance to the target.

Can measurement work without the red laser beam?

No, the laser is needed to get a measurement.

What are possible reasons why a reading could be incorrect?

  • The laser pointer is unsteady or moving too quickly. To steady the laser, press the back of the tool (the side with the battery compartment) against a flat subject such as the wall or floor.
  • The target is closer than the minimum range of 10 in or beyond the maximum range of 50 ft.
  • The surface of the target is too reflective. You can make a target plate on the surface using tape or a piece of paper.
  • There is too much bright, visible light on the target. Providing shade or creating a dark target plate on the surface can fix this.
  • The target is able to absorb incoming IR radiation and reflects nothing back to the tool. Examples would be plasma TV’s or computer monitors. Again, creating a target plate would be the solution.
  • The target is too transparent to get a proper reading. A target plate will be necessary to get the measurement.
  • The ambient temperature is outside the specified operating range (32ºto 104ºF).

How do I retract the tape measure?

The tape lock release button is on the bottom of the tape measure.




  • Measurement range: 50 ft.
  • Measurement accuracy: 1/4 in.
  • Minimum Measuring Distance: 10 in.
  • Laser output: <1mW (Class II) at wavelength of 620 to 690 nm
  • Typical battery life: more than 3,000 measurements
  • Operating temperature: 32º to 104ºF
  • Storage temperature: 14º to 140ºF

tape measure

  • Blade length: 16 ft.
  • Blade width: 3/4 in.
  • Blade standout: 5 ft.


  • 3.2 x 2.2 x 3.2 inches


  • 1 Laser Tape Measure
  • 1 Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 2 AAA Batteries